Our healthcare lending process is highly collaborative.

We understand that our healthcare partners benefit when a lender understands their business.

From the development of a proposal to finalizing loan documents, we focus on our clients’ unique needs and develop creative, realistic terms for each financing.  We evaluate more than just the bottom line to determine what our clients need and develop loan structures and terms that make sense.  Our credit process is streamlined with authority delegated to the team.  Because our people are empowered to make decisions, we have no impersonal, uncertain credit committee process that is common with banks and other specialty healthcare lenders.


“Gemino understands the business. They learn what’s behind the numbers, look at it in context. They provide guidance; other service lenders are interested only in bottom line. Gemino, of course, is also, but they engage in a conversation to understand the situation. It makes them stand apart.”
Mark Contento, President of VisionQuest


Our decision makers are involved very early in the process to ensure that we can meet your expectations.  Too many other healthcare lenders send out proposals without any input from the people who approve the loan, and therefore, many customers are frustrated when terms and conditions often change later in the process.  Gemino doesn’t make promises lightly. With Gemino, you have a true financial partner that works with you every step of the way so there are no surprises. This is something that has impressed Gemino’s clients time after time. In fact, in a recent survey, 100% of current and former clients agreed that Gemino delivers on its promises!

Gemino has developed best-in-class operational and loan management processes. This means less manual reporting burdens for our healthcare clients and faster cycle times on loan fundings and other operational requests.  We know your time is valuable.  At Gemino, our ultimate goal is to make your life and your organization better.

Gemino can quickly underwrite the deal, which was very important to us. Their experience allows them to explain and resolve ongoing business issues quickly as well.
David Heskett, President & CEO of LifeCare

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Ron Fish, Owner, Unlimited Care, Inc.

The Gemino Healthcare Finance agreement will provide Unlimited Care with the financial backing to strategically expand the array of services and to extend the provision of quality service to communities unserved by other home care providers.

Jay Hoffman, Senior Vice President & CFO, Southern Regional Medical Center

I am pleased that the Gemino leadership team has worked with us to create a 'win-win' scenario in terms of ease of loan administration and positive customer service. We look forward to a longstanding relationship with Gemino over the coming years as we proceed with our business turnaround.

John Prater, CFO, Lakeway Regional Medical Center

Lakeway Regional Medical Center is excited about its partnership with Gemino Healthcare Finance. As a start-up full service acute care hospital Gemino provides Lakeway with the financial flexibility to pursue an aggressive ramp-up.