BreatheAmerica, Inc., Mike Skiera, President and CEO

"BreatheAmerica is delighted to be working with Gemino Healthcare Finance. Because of my past experience with Gemino we did not hesitate to seek their support as we identified and evaluated future needs. Their responsiveness in the past was paramount in our decision to partner with them on this opportunity.”

OMNI Orthopaedics, Inc., Rick Randall, Chief Executive Officer

“OMNI offers the only commercially available robotic assisted total knee system in the US. Our proprietary technologies are designed to allow the hospital and physician to demonstrate a quality measure in total joint replacements important to patients and insurers. We are very pleased to be working with Gemino as one of our financial partners. This financing supports the expansion of our product portfolio and helps to fund our key growth initiatives.”

Landmark Holdings of Florida, LLC, Dr. William Kapp III, Founder & CEO

“Landmark has distinguished itself as the dominant provider of long-term acute care in each of the regions in which we operate. The industry is tightly regulated given that all beds are Medicare certified, so we have some confidence in maintaining that competitive advantage in all of our operations. We are very pleased to partner with Praesidian and Gemino to create a new capital structure and operating funds to support our growth plans.”

Providence Healthcare, Mark Hancock, CFO

“It seemed like Gemino was able to handle much more with their in-house counsel, outsourcing only when they had to. It was a lot less expensive.”

Axium Healthcare Pharmacy Inc, Bill Bucher, EVP & CFO

“Healthcare provider organizations are unique, receiving funding from the government; Medicaid is notorious for slow pay. Gemino knows about this and is very comfortable with the A/R process, underwriting the receivables.”

Wilshire Pacific Capital Advisors, Eric Weissman, Principal

“They’re good, flexible and accommodating. For example, in the state of CA, at the end of the year they tend to run out of money and the state stops making Medicaid payments. Gemino was flexible and accommodating and made sure our client had the money they needed to keep going.”

Trumpet Behavioral Health, Lani Fritts, Managing Director

“You’ll be treated very fairly. Gemino can be creative in financing your deal and make decisions very quickly. They won’t waste your time. They’re a specialty finance company that knows healthcare well.”


Wilmac Healthcare, Mike Cuba, CFO

“Gemino remains abreast on global, local and industry- specific issues so they often talk with us in advance of what might impact our business. Having this kind of a financial partner on our side has provided tremendous value, something that would benefit companies of any size. ”

VisionQuest, Mark Contento, President

“Regarding covenants, something will happen where you won’t make the covenant, not be in compliance. Most might want to punish me. Gemino, on the other hand, will look at the covenants, what the reasons were and they adjusted them to take into account the reality, to make sure we were not breaking them. They find a way to make it work for both of us. This is almost unheard of in this industry.”

Ron Fish, Owner, Unlimited Care, Inc.

The Gemino Healthcare Finance agreement will provide Unlimited Care with the financial backing to strategically expand the array of services and to extend the provision of quality service to communities unserved by other home care providers.

Jay Hoffman, Senior Vice President & CFO, Southern Regional Medical Center

I am pleased that the Gemino leadership team has worked with us to create a 'win-win' scenario in terms of ease of loan administration and positive customer service. We look forward to a longstanding relationship with Gemino over the coming years as we proceed with our business turnaround.

John Prater, CFO, Lakeway Regional Medical Center

Lakeway Regional Medical Center is excited about its partnership with Gemino Healthcare Finance. As a start-up full service acute care hospital Gemino provides Lakeway with the financial flexibility to pursue an aggressive ramp-up.