Healthcare providers face numerous challenges in their daily operations. Securing reliable capital and constantly educating lenders about your business should not  be among them. Traditional banks aren't always a good fit for healthcare providers who need a financial partner that understands the challenges of the industry.

Gemino Healthcare Finance offers its partners asset-based loans consisting of revolving lines of credit, senior term loans, and real estate loans tailored to each partner’s unique circumstances. We take the time to understand our partners’ opportunities and challenges, and find ways to help you reach your organization’s goals and overcome those challenges.


Gemino knows how to structure deals better than banks. They know 3rd party payments and how to look at Medicaid and Medicare. They know the risks, so they’re easier to work with.
Greg Von Arx,CEO - Recover Health


Gemino Healthcare Finance doesn’t have clients - it has partners. In some circumstances, a healthcare provider may be ineligible for a traditional bank loan that they need for expansion, refinancing debt, or other financial activities that are critical for the success of the business. Gemino looks past the spreadsheets and numbers to work with healthcare providers. With over 50 years of healthcare lending experience, Gemino has the expertise to understand the challenges of the healthcare industry and help care providers achieve their goals with custom solutions such as:

Revolving Lines of Credit

Revolving lines of credit for working capital needs, refinancing existing debt, funding corporate acquisitions and recapitalizations. Loan sizes typically range from $2 to $20 million and are secured by accounts receivable. Gemino’s revolving lines of credit give healthcare service providers options to enhance their cash flow.

Senior Term Loans

Flexible, senior term loans are offered as an add-on product in select situations based on established cash flow. Term loans can be used to fund acquisitions, growth, buyouts or other financial actions.

Term Loans are secured with assets such as equipment, real estate, or company stock.

Real Estate Loans

In conjunction with a revolving line of credit, Gemino offers first mortgage financing for the acquisition, refinance, recapitalizations, and bridge to HUD for skilled nursing facilities. We work with healthcare providers to ensure that loan to value levels are flexible and structured to fit their unique financial situation.

Revolving Lines of Credit

Revolving lines of credit for refinancing debt, funding corporate acquisitions and enhancing cash flow. Typically in the $2-20 million range.

Senior Term Loans

Flexible, realistic term loans based on organizational cash flow.

Real Estate Loans

Gemino provides first mortgage financing for skilled nursing facilities.

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Ron Fish, Owner, Unlimited Care, Inc.

The Gemino Healthcare Finance agreement will provide Unlimited Care with the financial backing to strategically expand the array of services and to extend the provision of quality service to communities unserved by other home care providers.

Jay Hoffman, Senior Vice President & CFO, Southern Regional Medical Center

I am pleased that the Gemino leadership team has worked with us to create a 'win-win' scenario in terms of ease of loan administration and positive customer service. We look forward to a longstanding relationship with Gemino over the coming years as we proceed with our business turnaround.

John Prater, CFO, Lakeway Regional Medical Center

Lakeway Regional Medical Center is excited about its partnership with Gemino Healthcare Finance. As a start-up full service acute care hospital Gemino provides Lakeway with the financial flexibility to pursue an aggressive ramp-up.